Melloe Mondaze
Melloe Mondaze is a unique networking event for creative professionals seeking to connect with other industry professionals on a Monday night. This activation gives visual or performing artists the opportunity to present real time creative works amongst their peers. Curated around well crafted drinks and an ombre of selected sounds to compliment the atmosphere. This event runs monthly with selected guest speakers and industry leaders.   
the black wave 
The Black Wave is an arts and cultural experience that will connect creatives across the diaspora, to generate a synergy of dialogue and movement between the United States and Africa. We intend to use our creative platform to engage guests with curated sounds that lends itself to the artistic expressions during the event. Artists will exhibit work that reflects past and present influencers that helped to shape black culture around the world. 
The native series 
The Native Series is a cultural art experience, exposing the depth of creativity amongst notable African artists from countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal and more. The Native Series will raise awareness and funding towards economic hardships within those countries, while drawing attention towards the artistic expressions being exhibited. 
rhymes & reasons 
Rhymes and Reasons is a spoken word and poetry series that explores the  way to use metaphors, languages, tones and wordplay to communicate creatively. This experience is designed to give spoken word artists and poets the opportunity to showcase their talent and skills on a live platform, twice a month. The goal is to provide a safe space for individuals to perform and grow their audience through the support of Melloe Events and the community. 
Curators After dark 
Curators After Dark (CAD) is an international traveling art and music exhibition created by Roe Melloe in 2019, as a way to celebrate artists collectively, through creative experiences and expressions. Artists are invited to showcase and exhibit original pieces of art that best highlights their true personality, style and unique methods. This global exhibit has featured multiple times in Ghana and the United States. 
nude at midnight
nude at midnight is a private experience designed to provide young professionals a relief from the social norms of everyday life and venture into a world of sensual desires and fantasy. Invited guests will enjoy selected sounds around afro beats, hip life, amapiano and more, while body painting nude models, with a delectable curated brunch menu. This experience runs twice a month and seating is extremely limited.
melloe hang suite
The Melloe Hang Suite is a music and art series that will offer guests and participants a fusion of cultural experiences through curated sounds. Our focus is to bring together a wide variety of genre-defying music and visuals from local and national artists. This bi-weekly experience will provide a platform for artists looking to both develop and increase their brand presence. The Melloe Hang Suite will feature two performing artists and 2 visual artists for a 3 hour evening experience. 
The culture exhibit
The Culture Exhibit is a Juneteenth juried art exhibition created by culture catalyst and curator Roe Melloe in 2019. This annual exhibit and award ceremony is a celebration of black visual artists that have contributed to the culture and their community, in a way that has brought about social impact. Our goal is to provide a platform that inspires and motivates other creatives to be true pioneers in their artistic spaces. 
The urban luxury fashion pop-up
The URBAN Luxury Fashion Pop Up experience is presented by Melloe Events and curated by Roe Melloe, as a conceptual platform for designers to introduce new threads to the local market once a month. Our goal is to encourage both established and emerging fashion designers to utilize the URBAN Luxury pop up suite as a way to reach new audiences globally and increase market engagements. 

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